Entrepreneurs: Scholarship & Gratitude Award Applications Due June 30th

Posted by on June 23rd, 2015

Connect with Peers, Mentors, and Investors at SOCAP15

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This October over 150 innovative social entrepreneurs from around the world will be selected for a scholarship to SOCAP15 and the chance to win a Gratitude Award. This outstanding group of entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to take advantage of all of the networking opportunities and learning experiences available at the conference and within the SOCAP community. Do you want to be among them? The deadline to apply is coming up soon!


If you are an entrepreneur who has built an innovative venture designed to solve problems in the fields of education, community development, and environment/sustainability, when you apply to SOCAP’s Social Entrepreneur Scholarship program you will also be considered in the running for a Gratitude Award. Nine eligible entrepreneurs will be chosen from the pool of SOCAP scholarship recipients to vie for Gratitude Awards. Of those finalists, four entrepreneurs will be selected to receive a full year of dedicated mentorship and other benefits that can help their ventures thrive.

Top 3 Ways Gratitude Awards Help Winning Ventures Grow

Randy Haykin is the Silicon Valley angel investor, entrepreneur, educator and venture capitalist who founded The Gratitude Network. We asked Randy to list some of the ways that his organization helps Gratitude Award winning entrepreneurs achieve greater impact. Here are his top three:

  1. Connections to other people that can help. The Gratitude Network connects Gratitude Award winners with an expansive global network of mentors that offer expertise and guidance on issues such as market entry, business models, team development, fundraising and more. They help entrepreneurs identify the top three challenges their ventures are facing, and then make strategic connections with mentors who focus on finding solutions to those problems.
  2. Valuable feedback. Over the year that they work with winning ventures, Gratitude Network Mentors offer reflections that help entrepreneurs get a clearer view of what they are doing, where to focus, and how to go about achieving their goals. In essence, their mentors serve award winning ventures as a virtual board member. Mentors know how to ask the right questions at the right time.
  3. Funding opportunities. Money is the lifeblood of a startup. Introducing entrepreneurs to angels, institutions, nonprofits and foundations that provide funding is critical. The Gratitude Network has established a syndicate of angels, families, and investors who take the time to look at Gratitude Award winning ventures, and in many cases assist with funding and introductions to other potential funding sources.


If you are an innovative entrepreneur who could benefit from the the mentorship and support offered by the Gratitude Network, apply for the SOCAP entrepreneur scholarship and your opportunity to be selected as a Gratitude Award winner.

To learn more, read Your Guide to The Gratitude Awards at SOCAP15